The Shiba Sparkle™️

最近、インスタをもっと積極的に使用したら、そこのデザイン・アートのコミュニティーがとても楽しくて、ポジティブな集まりになってるのを気づきました。特に#DTIYS(英: Draw This In Your Style)とドローイングチャレンジが面白くて、ちょこちょこ参加するようになりました。本当にいい発想力と技術の練習になるし、どのレベルでも参加できるし、コミュニティーが優しいです。






Recently I discovered the artist/designer community on Instagram and the various #DTIYS and other drawing challenges. I decided to join August’s #doggust challenge which, of course, meant a month of drawing dogs! What could be more fun and rewarding. 🙂

I didn’t quite follow the order of the proposed list exactly but I did end up completing all dogs by September 1st which was a nice accomplishment. You can see all of my daily dogs above — some of them definitely need some additional brushing up but it’s nice to see them all in one place for now.

Did you join #doggust too? I’m going to participate in more and more challenges from here on out and hope to post about some of them here. October’s Inktober is the most famous monthly challenge…not quite sure yet about how I’m going to approach that one but will think of something.

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