My name is Elaine Shimokawa.
Nice to e-meet you. (Albeit in a rather one-sided fashion.)

I make digital designs — as well as an analog board games.
In a recent past life, I was an iOS Developer.

I like translating/ localizing/proofreading board games (Japanese→English),
so please contact me if you are looking for some help.

I have a lot of other aspirations such as publishing a children’s book,
starting my own small scale tea farm, and playing the moon guitar.

I am officially social via Instagram:
@moo_nguitar (mostly random illustrations for fun)
@chiba_fornia (my personal account)
@californiateafarm (tea farm from zero)

As a side project, I’ve also started making simple coloring sheets for raising
trilingual (Chinese-English-Japanese) kids over at Moon Bunny Club.