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From Taiwan to Tokyo to you.
Tensions brew as players compete to build the best cup of boba.

Tapiru: A Bubble Tea Game is a boba battle game for two players. (Also supports 3 players.)

Compete with your opponent to make the ultimate cup of bubble tea. But keep in mind that your belly can only take so much boba and sometimes less really is more. Branding is one more thing you need to carefully consider when creating your ideal tapioca drink. Be strategic and out-boba your co-workers, friends, and loved ones.

Gameplay consists of laying tiles to form three cups of bubble tea. A completed cup consists of a lid, brand, 3 tapioca, and bottom tile. Players compare their cups at the end of the round to determine a winner for each cup. The winner of the cup gets to take a Scoring token and the first player to collect all four scoring token types (TA-PI-O-CA) wins the game! However, not everything as simple as it seems. Players need to keep track of the ever changing Preference token for each cup, as well as maximizing branding (getting all the tiles to match the branding card straw color). Following standard rules, players also need to make sure that the total amount of boba amongst all three cups doesn’t go over 20.

This game was originally released at Tokyo Game Market 2019. The current version was released in 2020 via a successful Kickstarter campaign. This version includes additional branding cards, 3 player support, Spot UV details, and other improvements. Includes rules in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese.

Note about the title

In 2019 The Second Wave of Tapioca arrived in Tokyo. Every corner of Harajuku and Shin-Okubo sprouted up a boba shop or three including some of the tastiest brands straight from Taiwan. In fact, the boom gave birth to a neologism: “Tapiru“—which is a verbification of “Tapioca”. The word Tapiru quickly entered into the Japanese consciousness and even made it to the country’s top 10 buzzwords for 2019.

Game Contents:

  • 72 tile cards
  • 33 square tokens
  • 3 rule sheets (English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese)
  • 1 box divider insert


Mechanics: Hand management, Tile placement

Time: 15 Minutes

Players: 2-3 players

Warning: Small pieces not appropriate for children under 3 years old.


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